Questions about vermoeden, veranderen


I have some questions about these verbs

Vermoeden / veranderen / overhandigen

Why do they become
Ik vermoed
Ik verander
Ik overhandig

and not
Ik vermoeed
Ik Verandeer
Ik overhandiig?

as in lopen - loop

What are the rules behind them?


Datum: 12:31 25-02-2016

Hi, you asked the question quite a while ago already just in case you didn't have the answer yet.
If you make lopen singular by removing the -en you get the word lop. As lop which sound different from lopen. So to keep the same pronunciation this verb is irregular and you have to add an -o (loop). The other verbs are regular ;)

Datum: 19:54 20-05-2016


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